We offer range of doors and windows for multi-purpose applications. These are available in variety of sizes to suit clients’ preferences and tastes. Highly versatile, these can be fitted into different kinds of frames. These have no visible joints that make them completely rust proof. These are available in innovative designs with intricate carvings. Polished and designed to give elegant and smart look, the doors and windows are highly durable and easy to clean.

Upvc Windows & Doors Systems
Doors and windows that can stretch from the floor to the ceiling and span balconies adding a sense of space to living areas.
A home without noise, pollution, wind, rain and dust the way its should be.
Sealed from top to bottom with a combination of double seals, silicon seals between the wall & the window.
Enhanced insulation and a substantial saving in air conditioning cost.
Changes the character of each room.
The special system prevents air pressure from pushing the rainwater indoors.
The windows system are modular in nature like a lego set - colour options like rich wooden finish , paint options from pallete, seamless combination, large size.
The compound is then fed in molten form into moulds designed accordingly to the different sizes and specification or profiles. Once this process is finished, then it will be cooled to from the final UPVC profiles to be used in the fabrication of the windows and doors.

The heavy duty multi chamber system offers everything for high quality windows. Tilt and Turn, inside  Opening, Friction  Stay, Outside  Opening. Sliding  Windows
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and Doors, Fixed Elements, as you like it; it is your taste which decides!